Fax Solutions

A Vidicode Fax Server sends and receives faxes from and to your network. It also automatically makes a digital archive of every fax sent or received and therefore saves paper, saves toner, saves maintenance, saves time, saves room and ultimately…. saves money.

Why would you need it?
The Fax Server will save your organisation time and money. A little equation: Suppose your organisation sends 15 faxes per day. Leaving out all the time spent on the actual typing, on walking to the fax machine, on finding and keying the number, on waiting for the fax to be sent and archiving it, sending a fax will take about 5 minutes (conservatively). This amounts to 75 minutes per working day times 240 days = 18.000 minutes = 300 hours = 37,5  full working days per year. The only thing you need to know, to calculate how quickly the Fax Server will return your investment, is how much money the average working day costs your organisation.

Your faxes are serious business, faxes you send out need to be sent quickly, faxes you receive can be orders that need to be fulfilled today! There are many Fax Server solutions purely based on software running on a PC in your LAN. Installation of such solutions is often cumbersome and time consuming. Other than that the MTBF (mean time between failure) of PC’s running Windows is not too good, especially when put to the test. Fax Servers based on stand-alone hardware designed for only one purpose is obviously much easier to implement, but also much more reliable, making sure your communication does not falter.

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